East Coast Breakfast presenter Keri Miller is 'pregnant' thanks to Darren Maule's challenge. Tired of her bragging about how good she is with kids, he organised a special surprise to put Keri to the test. Darren arranged with Edit Microsystems to borrow their realCare Baby product, complete with a simulated baby and a realistic pregnancy suit, and Keri will be wearing this suit for a week. She'll experience what it's like to be pregnant and take care of a newborn baby.
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#KeriHasABaby: Do you get annoyed by people's advice on your newborn?

Something I’ve noticed is that EVERYONE has their opinion on how to raise a child. Anyone who has had a child is very willing to give (unasked for) advice. Whether to use a dummy, what to feed them, how long to breastfeed for, sleep training. EVERYTHING. Do you find the…
19 May 2017 3AM 1 min

#KeriHasABaby: How well did Keri do on Day 2?

Every day Keri takes East home - she has to burp, feed, cradle and change him according to the set up of the baby simulator's computer. Yesterday Keri got 41% - forgetting to feed her baby the whole day. How well did she do on Day 2? Darren Maule reads…
17 May 2017 2AM 1 min

#KeriHasABaby: Is it natural for someone to not want kids? #ChildFree

Yesterday got mixed reactions after she and baby East took to the shops for a little shopping. She got very exciting feedback from some shoppers, but most people were judgemental and disagreed with her choice of not having and wanting to have any children of her own. We asked listners…
17 May 2017 2AM 4 min

#KeriHasABaby Charity organisation revealed!

All week we have been collecting donations for #KeriHasABaby baby shower, but because Keri will be taking care of a baby simulator and not a real baby, we have decided to donate items on behalf of a well deserving charity that takes care of abandoned newborn babies. We surprised them…
12 May 2017 2AM 4 min