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My parents would never let me do that!

Curfew at 10 pm, no dating, no sleepovers, the list of rules goes on... Parenting styles differ and although you might still agree with a lot of what your parents did while you were growing up, you will most likely be making a few changes. Minnie Ntuli wanted to hear…
4 Nov 2020 2 min

Why do we feel shame?

Shame can be a deeply negative and toxic emotion. When we feel ashamed, the origin of this feeling tends to come from ideas and messages planted within us by someone else. Today, Lisa Welsh is here to teach you how to help release the grip shame has on your life…
3 Nov 2020 3 min

One song to rule them all: The Circle of Life or Proud Mary?

You meet a person who has been living in silence their entire life and they have never heard music. Not even a single note. Suddenly they're allowed to listen to one song and one song only, before returning to a life without music. They turn to you and ask you…
2 Nov 2020 5 min

Should step-siblings be allowed to date?

A TikTok-famous couple released a video in which they confirmed that they are step-siblings and that they are romantically involved. Now people have a lot of questions, with the most obvious being: is this appropriate or not? They're technically not related but they still kind of are? Minnie Ntuli decided…
2 Nov 2020 3 min

Have you got the Eye of the Tiger? Or do you want some Ice Ice Baby?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a one-hit-wonder is "a performer of popular music who makes one successful recording but then no others". Today on Minnie's Music Match-up, we're putting two of the biggest one-hit wonders up against each other…
29 Oct 2020 6 min

Saying goodbye to your first set of wheels...

Whether your parents helped you out or you bought it with some hard-earned cash, at the end of the day, it doesn't even matter. Even though the car might be replaced, those memories never will be. That's why Minnie decided to throw it back by asking KZN: "How did you…
29 Oct 2020 2 min

Where were you the first time you heard this song?

The power of music is undeniable and sometimes you just need one song to transport you back to a certain time and place. Just think of that moment when you hear those first notes and the melody hits and it connects you to a memory. Minnie Ntuli decided to play…
28 Oct 2020 2 min

This woman has moved to a new house over how many times?!

Minnie Ntuli was shocked when she found a Canadian woman who has moved an insane amount of times in only five years! And she decided to ask KZN how many times they've had to move house, and why people move so regularly?
28 Oct 2020 3 min

Do you know who the biggest popstar in the world is?

Today on Minnie's Music Match-up, we're putting two of the world's biggest musical sensations up against each other... And as always, Minnie Ntuli left it up to KZN to cast a vote and help determine which one truly is the breakout star of the last decade. Is it too late…
27 Oct 2020 5 min

This is why you shouldn't believe your critical inner voice...

We all have that little voice inside our heads telling us we're not good enough. And if anyone tells you they don't hear that little voice, they're probably lying. Today, Lisa Welsh is sharing more about imposter syndrome and how to effectively deal with it whenever it rears its ugly…
27 Oct 2020 2 min

I'm jealous of my boyfriend's late ex-wife...

Minnie Ntuli and her producer received an e-mail from a listener seeking advice. Dealing with death is hard, and relationships have their own ups and downs. So what happens when you combine the two...Take a listen to find out what sage advice KZN had to offer.
26 Oct 2020 4 min

Should women be able to sell their breastmilk?

There is a new major debate that has a lot of different people fired up. But is there a right or wrong answer? Is it as black and white as it seems or should there be rules and regulations? And one of the biggest questions is if there is truly…
26 Oct 2020 2 min

My boss can never find out that I...

Some things are better left unsaid. Especially when you talk to your boss. But Minnie Ntuli wanted KZN to share their work secrets with her and asked them to finish this sentence: "My boss can never know that..." These little white lies did not dissapoint.
22 Oct 2020 3 min

"My phone was stolen and this is how I got it back..."

Most South Africans have suffered the loss of some of their most cherished or important items. Phones, laptops, televisions, cars, the list goes on... This is not that story, though. This story tells the rare tale of how Minnie Ntuli got her stolen phone back. But she's not the only…
22 Oct 2020 6 min

"I earned money by scamming people with fake raffle tickets..."

Have your parents ever tried to bribe you with a nice little R2 coin for simple tasks or chores? Maybe you had to scratch a few backs for a little cash money. This made Minnie Ntuli think so she asked KZN: "What is the very first thing you did for…
21 Oct 2020 9 min

I'm in a complicated relationship with... my body

The journey to complete self-love and acceptance is a long one. Now it's time to fall in love with your whole self, just the way you are. We're getting rid of the pain and the shame, with the help of LisaWelsh, of course. Today, Lisa is sharing a very important…
20 Oct 2020 2 min

Is it important for the men of KZN to be the sole breadwinner?

There will always be people who firmly believe that men should be the sole breadwinner. There will also be people who firmly believe that men should not be the sole breadwinner. Minnie Ntuli asked KZN what they think and these stories wil shock you!
20 Oct 2020 5 min
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