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512 EPISODES | METRO FM |  Podcast, ±16 min episode every day
The show is filled with a mixture of METRO FM’s signature music sounds, listener music selection, Naked DJ mixes and JJ’s witty comments during the popular ‘ask a man’ feature which affords ladies the opportunity to ask men any question they want and seek advice.

(5LIVE) - 5FM

5 EPISODES | 5FM |  Podcast, ±40 min episode every 6 weeks, 1 day
5FM remains a loyal supporter of the local music industry and continues to playlist songs from local artists and bands that are relevant to the station. Live music is a keen driver in the lifestyle choices of our listeners and 5FM has, over a period of more than ten years, offered live music as part of its programming line-up. 5FM is excited to introduce its latest live music feature called 5LIVE. The feature will allow the 5FM audience a front-row seat into a live musical journey with top music performers. The feature showcases a live music act in studio on the last Friday of every month from 15:00 – 16:00 on the Rob Forbes Show, proudly hosted by Redbull Studios Cape Town. 5LIVE will feature and highlight a cross spectrum of South African bands and musicians on a monthly basis on a very intimate yet powerful level.

5FM Nights

32 EPISODES | 5FM |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 4 weeks, 5 days
Make sure your ears are tuned into the chaos that is 5FM Nights ! The show will bring a  balance between being informative and music relevant. There will be awesome features that will  create opportunities to showcase young and underground talent with local DJs, Social Slayers and just general awesome. 


34 EPISODES | 5FM |  Podcast, ±38 min episode every 3 weeks
YB5 is an integral part of 5FM’s structure and has been part of the station for more than ten years. YB5 gives 5FM and its’ audience a heart using the biggest national youth platform in South Africa. The concept has grown and developed over several years and in 2015, YB5 will amplify the traditional charity angle that 5FM has promoted. YB5 will take the platform and expand it into a three tiered approach that creates three very specific areas of focus. These will be; charitable causes, education and employment.

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