Cobra spits at Durban dogs: Nick Evans on what to do

When Nick Evans get calls for a Mozambique Spitting Cobra in a property where there are dogs, he always worries. Cobras don't attack dogs, but dogs attack them, and other snakes. If the dog does attack, they're in for a nasty surprise, as some of these dogs at a home in Hillary found out.

"It's like a snakes version of pepper spray!" says Nick.

"Most of the time the snake escapes unharmed. Most of the time."

And very, very rarely do dogs get bitten. They usually just get temporarily blinded. A far better result, of course if treated, than a life-threatening cobra bite.


Firstly, get your dogs away from the snake. Then, with help from a family member, you need to rinse the venom out of the eyes with water. A hose pipe on low pressure or bottle of water works well. Don't use a bowl.
Rinse as best as you can, but holding a dog still for this can be difficult.
If you succeed, it's a good idea to take your dog to your local vet for a check up and eye drops to sooth the pain.
If you are not managing, take the dog to the vet, and they can maybe sedate it and treat it effectively.
21 Jun 2021 English South Africa Nature · Personal Journals

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