Darren van der Merwe–From the Couch to Top Ten & Jock Green

This week on our social media profiles we asked “who is the most inspirational trail runner you know?” and we got some amazing replies. One really intrigued us so we put in the call. On episode 8 of Trail Talk SA we chat to:Darren van der Merwe, who finished 9th in the 2013 Puffer. The amazing thing about Darren is at the beginning of 2012 he was 60 kilograms heavier than he is now. So not only has he lost the body weight of the average woman, but he has also discovered some hidden athletic ability. Check out the before and after pictures of Darren’s amazing journey below. You can also follow Darren on Twitter here.Former professional cyclist Jock Green spoke to us en route to the 2013 Otter Trail Run. Fairly new to the sport of trail running Jock has traded his wheels for running shoes and is doing amazing things on the trails. You can also follow Jock on Twitter here.If you would like to subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes here or on RSS feed by clicking here. You can also be in touch via email or following us on Twitter or Like Run Talk SA on Facebook.