Historical Ties

This week, JJ Cornish addresses the impact of the Israel/Hamas conflict on the African continent - delving into the countries bordering the region, troops being called up to help, and more.
17 Oct 2023 English South Africa Daily News · Society & Culture

Other recent episodes

Africans in Mexico

JJ Cornish details the difficulty for African's to migrate abroad. And, Gareth and JJ debate the importance of getting the right leaders for the right future on the African continent.
19 Feb 18 min

The COP Con

JJ Cornish lists the continent’s richest nations - which include Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt. He also rants about the COP conferences, the fossil fuels debate, and non-binding agreements.
18 Dec 2023 22 min

Return of the Coups

JJ Cornish tells us about the newly formed 'Alliance of Sahel States', which is what the putschist three call themselves. A former Rwandan Prime Minister who fell out with Paul Kagame dies in exile, and the UN political mission quits Sudan.
4 Dec 2023 18 min

The Democracy Dance

Liberia's smooth power handover after a tense election is a good sign for democracy. JJ Cornish also delves into the DRC's uncertain election climate. President William Ruto is on a mission to secure 200,000 jobs for Kenyans in Germany. And Gareth wants to know more about South Sudan.
20 Nov 2023 19 min

Clothing of the Dead

President Yoweri Museveni bans the sale of second-hand clothing in Uganda, and is outraged that the country has been kicked out the duty-free, all-access programme called AGOA. Sudanese paramilitaries seize control of a third military base in Darfur, and a record number of migrants head over to Spain’s Canary Islands…
6 Nov 2023 16 min