Jesus appears to His disciples

"Pastor Zani Dladla encourages us to consider, as Christians, what news we bring. Reflecting on Mary Magdalene's proclamation in John 20:18-23, 'I have seen the Lord,' we are reminded of the transformative power of encountering Christ in our lives."
11 Apr 4AM Sotho South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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The appearance and ascension of Jesus Christ

Pastor Zani Dladla speaks about the appearance and ascension of Jesus Christ in the book of Luke 24 : 36 - 53. Jesus Christ lifted up His hands and blessed His disciples.
13 May 6AM 10 min

Token of remembrance

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches a powerful lesson from Acts 10:1-6 and 2 Samuel 18:18, highlighting the profound impact of our influence, whether positive or negative. We leave behind a lasting imprint, a memorial that remains even after we pass away. This serves as a token of remembrance, shaping how we…
26 Apr 9AM 20 min

Jesus appears to two disciples

Pastor Zani Dladla discusses the biblical account of Jesus appearing to two disciples on the road to Emmaus, as described in Luke 24:13-35. The passage highlights Jesus Christ's authority and impact through his teachings and actions.
30 Apr 4AM 10 min

Set apart

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches about to be set apart, reading in the book of Acts 13 : 1 - 4 Antioch was the first place to call believers Christians, to be like Christ. They thought they were mocking them, but they never understood that they were affirming the word of…
26 Apr 9AM 20 min