#13 - Change Your Money & Success Story | Live Breakthrough Session

Just 2 days after recording this session, Natalie sent me a text to let me know that she miraculously received R2000 of unexpected income!

On this episode I do a live breakthrough coaching session with Natalie who desires breakthrough with changing her current money & success story.

She's done a lot of personal development and internal self work around her limiting beliefs about money and success but still finds it hard to really believe at a core level that she really can be successful and financially abundant, especially since this hasn't shown up in her reality just yet.

If you’re struggling with fears and limiting beliefs or to really believe that things can change for you, and perhaps have been doing a lot of personal development and internal work to try and change it either with regards to success and money or any other area of life, then this episode will definitely help you to make the shift from intellectual knowledge of what needs to change to integrated real belief that it will and can.

* How we sabotage and create resistance to the very change that we desire to have and what to do instead.
* What to focus on for her money and success story to begin to change.
* Why we struggle to move from an intellectual knowing to really believing something at a core level and how to integrate our new belief to make it believable and real to us.
* Daily practices and powerful exercises to accelerate the transformation process both internally and externally.

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Live your best life!
17 Dec 2019 English South Africa Self-Improvement · Business

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