#28 - You Can Still Create Your Own Life Even In Lockdown | Law of Attraction

Do you believe you are creating your own life? Or do you believe that things are just randomly happening?

The LAW OF ATTRACTION can be quite a controversial subject, especially when it comes to whether we also attract the "bad" stuff into our lives.

On this week's episode of Breakthrough, myself and the ladies from G-Club chat dive deeper into how we co-create and attract things into our lives whether consciously or unconsciously.

We also chat about The Law Of Atraction in relation to things like Covid 19 and how we can apply this principle at this time where most of us are in lockdown.

G-CLUB HOSTS: Mickey Roothman, Natalie Meager, Elda Lopes, Mariette Vorster

13 May 2020 English South Africa Self-Improvement · Business

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