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It's a thing! In a world where negativity and cruelty go viral, kindness is often overlooked as being weak, submissive and taking the easy route. This kindness warrior aims to change that narrative and make kindness go viral! In this podcast, Danny Painter will take you on a journey of healing, self discovery and kindness. You will walk away knowing you can overcome, you can live your dreams and you matter. Join her, every Monday, as she inspires a global community of humans who, through kindness, will change our world!

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It's A thing: Broke and famous

Imagine being an 'in demand; Hollywood producer, working with incredible stars and creating hit after hit after hit.

You'd have everything you wanted, right?

Wrong. Sometimes everything you wanted, is nothing you needed, and a lesson disguised as success. Nate Butler knows this narrative all too well, after having worked with names like Luther Vandross, Victoria Beckham, Craig David, Backstreet Boys, Christina Millian, Stacie Orrico, JoJo, Aaron Carter, The Cheetah Girls, Justin Bieber, Tiwa Savage and many others he found himself broke, but famous.

He joined me on a Zoom to tell me his incredible story of strength, resilience and overcoming yourself to become the best version of you!

It's a thing: The South African Music Industry

If you are a writer, producer, vocalist, or anything else in the South African Music industry, this podcast is for you!

In the last few months, no industry has been harder hit than that of the entertainment one.

The singers, bands, sound engineers, very few people within the music industry have earned any money in the last 12 months. I spoke to MPASA's (Music Publishing Association of South Africa) David Alexander about the way forward.

Under the current COVID-19 climate, one of the most pressing issues is the need for relief and funding as artists' revenue streams are set to dry up. Consequent to lockdown, airlines, casinos, hotels, and restaurants, amongst others, who use music to add ambience, did not trade.

Pre-COVID, this pool of licensing contributed more than 20% of SAMRO’s collections. Adding to collection problems is the fact that advertising on radio and television, which directly contribute to songwriters income, similarly fell by roughly 20% over the past business year.

It's a Thing: TikTok famous

Alexander Stewart is a rising TikTok star that has a 'super computer' for a brain.

In this episode, Danny catches up with the man who knows pretty much all of it, the last word and most trusted TikTok source on everything from gravity to breathing inside cars (you have to hear this one to believe it). They talk about rising fame, TikTok and his majestic hair!

Hydrate and allow Alex to educate!

Follow him here @awrstewart on Instagram and TikTok!

It's a Thing: The side piece

Japhta Mohlabane is a creative director, storyteller, and producer.

He's also one of the forces behind the South African production house responsible for shows such as ‘The Real Housewives of Johannesburg’ and ‘The Real Housewives of Durban'!

Starting his Semamo Productions wasn’t easy after spending years honing his craft on projects ranging from kids TV to 'Big Brother' and 'Survivor, Japhta is an all round TV guy.

He joins Danny to talk about the journey, but also to talk about his exciting new TV show and how he’s looking for a ‘side piece’!

It's a Thing: Nostalgia core

The (John) Candy!

Confused? So was I but, hang on, it gets more clear the longer you listen! Three guys who love metal and John Candy movies combined their favourite things, put on some masks and wrote some really kick ass fun metal songs!

They are my fellow XOTV creators who create music in a completely novel way, using samples from bands they admire, Couling them with John Candy movie liners, and you have a band thats been called everything form 'Nostalgia-Core' to 'an abysmal waster of cosmic dust', the latter also being the name of their latest offering!

It's a Thing: Head, Heart, Gut

Celynn Morin is a coach, helping those of us challenged by stress to enrich our quality of life; to have more energy; to sleep with ease and to feel more in control of our physical, emotional and mental health.

With her unique style that includes a joie de vivre rooted in curiosity, connection, community and celebration, Celynn is helping us out of burnout, exhaustion and stress, one small step at a time!

She joined me on a Zoom to chat about the heads-heart-gut connection and to help us begin our journey back to health and wellness!

You can find Celynn here:

It's a Thing: Joining the circus

Running away to join the circus has always been my back up plan, even though I have no skills for this career path whatsoever.

Luckily, there's a place I can go to to not only learn the skills I need, but to also perform!

Zip Zap circus school was founded out of love, a love story that transcends relationship love into love for all humans - especially those from vulnerable communities!

I got on a Zoom with Roxy Mitchell, the schools marketing manager to talk about this groundbreaking school and the holistic approach they have to caring for the kids in attendance!

listen here:

It's a Thing: Homeostasis

Michelle Campbell, the owner of Green Cat Health organic health products– a female-owned business that focuses on mind, body and soul healing joins us to help us heal!

Michelle is a qualified herbalist. She travels all over the country giving talks on green health and the use of CBD oil in health and wellness. Green Cat produces CBD based medicinal products, currently treating hundreds of humans and animals countrywide.

Michelle has been in green health for 23 years and is a Cannabis advocate. She qualified in Ayurveda (Indian medicine and the oldest in the world at 5 000 years old and herbalism) – which is why she decided to focus on helping others, hence establishing Green Cat Organic Health.

Michelle started the business, in 2017, with R4 000 in her pocket. Within 4 years the Port Elizabeth-born businesswoman, opened 4 stores across South Africa, with over 80 agents around the country. The Cape Town-based store is based in Kuilsriver.


It's a thing: Plastic surgery

Dr Deon Weyers is a renown plastic and reconstructive surgeon. The man behind many well known South African faces and bodies!

We talk enhancements in both the upper and lower regions of the body!

It's a thing: Live Music madmen

It's a thing: Live Music madmen. Well, there’s actually only one - Greg Martens! He’s a fellow XOTV creator and Danny’s Valentine, but, he’s also a great human who has lived his life to the fullest!

In this episode Greg and Danny talk about music, living, giving back and a brand new XOTV channel launched on the 14th February!

Please note this episode is intended for mature audiences, strong language may be used and sometimes things are said that may not be meant for little ears.

Theme music is 'Work This' by DJ Choc.

Trigger warning: Drug use

It's a Thing: Coming back from Trauma

Louw Breytenbach is a South African TV presenter, producer, actor and business owner who seemingly has it all together.

What we don’t see, however are the struggles he faces daily. One of which stemming from an accident that lead to the death of three people.

In this episode, Louw and Danny get candid about the night of the accident, the trauma and how he came back from it.

Please note this episode is intended for mature audiences, strong language may be used and sometimes things are said that may not be meant for little ears.

Theme music is 'Work This' by DJ Choc.

Trigger Warning: Car accident, death, anxiety, depression, trauma.

It's a Thing: Actin up

Danny got to speak to fellow XOTV creators Cisco Reyes and Malik Bernhardt from the ‘Actin up podcast’.

Not only did she fan girl a little, but you’re going to be incredibly inspired by these two awesome humans.

This one is all about staying humble, manifesting your dreams and going to Australia!

Watch the full episode on XOTV!

This episode contains strong language.

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